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At Lacq Studio, we are inspired specifically by "Son Mai". Unlike others, this Vietnamese branch of the lacquer family is a distinctively young craft, originating from École des Beaux Arts de l’Indochine, a university founded by the French in the 1920s. As such, Son Mai, was heavily influenced by European art movements, from Impressionism to Art Nouveau.


Today we use this historic and unique art form for paintings, furniture design and upcycling. 

See our works and services below.

All our lacquer artworks are produced on either solid wood or tailor made canvas panels know as Vóc.

This unique canvas is made from wood and bound with layers of gauze and paper using oils, resin, silt and water. Each layer is then wet sanded, polished and dried before the process repeats itself.

The final result is a canvas that is perfectly smooth and resistant to cracking and warping.
We use eggshell, gold and silver inlays to achieve depth and detail on our work.

Patterns are first routed by hand to produce the indentations within which crushed eggshells are set using epoxy. Once polished, gold or silver leaf are brushed in to create distinct highlights.

And the process once again repeats until the desired depths and layering are achieved.
We mix our own traditional pigment paints from minerals such as cobalt and cinnabar to bring vivid colours that do not fade or peel.

Much like everything else in lacquer art, painting is done across multiple layers. Different areas are then polished selectively to reveal depths previously hidden.

It is via this combination of repeated painting and burnishing that the deep and blended tones unique to lacquer art is produced.


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